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Dirt needs to be removed at times through scrubbing, there will be friction.

Allah sends fitnah, there will be friction, but there will be a cleansing.

Having knowledge of the right cleaning agent and the method of scrubbing ensures the cleansing. Ignorance of these two matters allows the dirt to remain.

This is why good intentions by themselves are not enough, but guidance and knowledge on what to do and how, is necessary for a fitnah to be extinguished.

The existence of dirt clearly classifies people into the following:

The Scrubbers: These are people who deal with fitnah based on sound principles rooted in guidance. They understand what needs to be scrubbed, how much, and when.

The Deluded: These are people that see dirt as gold dust. They don’t want it removed. This is either because they already have so much dirt that they don’t recognize the harm of additional dirt or have alternate motives and pursue worldly gains thereby becoming opportunists in any given fitnah.

The Emotional Reactionary: This class of people see dirt and react by wanting to be the superhero. The world can’t really function without them, so they have to get involved. They are not deeply rooted in the principles of knowledge and guidance, but they still have to save the day. When they interact with dirt they tend to scatter it more rather than clean it.

The Do Nothings: These are people who may have good intentions, but due to their ignorance of sound principles of guidance are affected by the deluded or the emotional reactionary. They may choose not to follow them, but will not support the scrubbers either and will sit on the sidelines witnessing dirt pile up until a collapse happens. If a collapse does not happen and the dirt is cleansed, they conveniently come back as if they were one of the scrubbers.

Through the reaction to dirt, you can assess the true commitment and support of your employee, partner, volunteer, etc. There are many wisdoms and benefits to a fitnah. If there were none except just this one, it would have been enough, but Allah is Generous.

Indeed, those who came with falsehood are a group among you. Do not think it bad for you; rather it is good for you. [24:11]