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Are You Boring?

The world is not a boring place. Boring has no place in this world because the Creator is creative, precise, and beautiful. There is always something to marvel about. There is always something you can reflect on. There is always something new to learn.

After mentioning the creation of the heavens, the earth, and the angels, He says, “He increases in creation what He wills” [35:1]. Creativity does not stop. Creativity continues even after something has been created. There’s an increase of wings for angels, an increase of intelligence for humans, etc.

If that is what the perfect Creator does with His creation, then we definitely, with our imperfections, need to always be creative. I call it Continuous Creativity. You may have created that super business model bringing in millions. You may have cracked the code for marketing to your niche. You may have made the invention of the decade. All that is great, but it will be short-lived, especially in our times, if you are not continuously creative. Many companies fall behind simply because they think their current invention or innovation will continue to serve the masses longer than it really would. The reality is that it won’t be long before a new invention or technology comes out and puts them out of business or makes their market share reduce drastically. Where are the horse-drawn vehicles today? The floppy disks? Laptops in 5 years?? When innovators stop being creative because of their initial success, they become vulnerable. Experts call this the innovator’s dilemma.

Your lesson plan will be boring if it’s taught exactly the same way every year unless you are continuously creative. Your sermons will be boring if you don’t approach subjects from creative angles. Your business will be a thing of the past if it just becomes satisfied with profits and doesn’t pay attention to creativity and innovation. So be continuously creative!