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Go Ahead and Disrupt

If you’re looking to start a business or a venture soon, one concept I would like for you to explore is “disruption”.

Some may tend to shy away from this word perceiving it to be negative. However, it is a positive word that is built on creativity.

Disruption requires you to come up with ways on how you would be different in your industry. You’re disrupting normalcy with creativity. As you can see, the easier thing to do is not create disruption, but just mimic an already existing business. The reality is that through disruption you actually increase the chances of survival for your startup.

Google disrupted the online advertising industry by advertising through the use of words rather than the normal way of charging for real estate.

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The Door

Dark at night, in front of the door, you are fumbling through keys. You can’t wait to get in. Using the wrong key would be a waste of time. Using the right key inappropriately would not be helpful either. Just using any key, hoping it would work or hopefully be the right key also will waste your time.

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Are You Boring?

The world is not a boring place. Boring has no place in this world because the Creator is creative, precise, and beautiful. There is always something to marvel about. There is always something you can reflect on. There is always something new to learn. After mentioning the creation of the[…]

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Take it Deeper

See the unseen of the seen. Each creation in the universe is called an ayah, meaning “a sign”. Each verse in the Quran is also called an ayah. Signs give direction and guide people to continue on the proper path. Every verse in the Quran and every creation in this[…]

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Transformers on Earth

Feeling the grip as he was squeezed again and again in preparation to receive what no one around him would hear or see. Looking directly at the one who hugged him tightly, the very first words of an amazing message were about to be recited by Muhammad, who would be[…]

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Night and Day

Some of us wake up in the morning with varying interests, motives and drives. These drives can be as different as night and day. This is why after mentioning the contrast of night and day Allah mentions, “Indeed, your efforts are diverse” [92:4]. These interests have needs, if fulfilled the[…]

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The Judgment Day

Erasing my work, I said to myself, “How could I have done that?” They did tell me to skip a question if I didn’t know the answer and to come back to it later.

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