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Muslim Cap Rate

You have a choice of investing in one of two houses: House A will give you a cap rate of 10% and House B will give you a cap rate of 10%, which one would you choose?
At the outset, it may seem that the returns on both of these investments are the same. However, they are very different.

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A Branding Analysis

Cheers and applauses fill the hall as the speaker mentions fighting “Islamic terrorism”. It’s election season and we can expect to hear the term “Islamic terrorism” repeated many times, especially after the recent events in Lebanon and Paris.

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Go Ahead and Disrupt

If you’re looking to start a business or a venture soon, one concept I would like for you to explore is “disruption”.

Some may tend to shy away from this word perceiving it to be negative. However, it is a positive word that is built on creativity.

Disruption requires you to come up with ways on how you would be different in your industry. You’re disrupting normalcy with creativity. As you can see, the easier thing to do is not create disruption, but just mimic an already existing business. The reality is that through disruption you actually increase the chances of survival for your startup.

Google disrupted the online advertising industry by advertising through the use of words rather than the normal way of charging for real estate.

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Innovate, and Don’t

The rapid rate of innovation is a game changer. If you’re going to open a business thinking it will run the same way the next ten years, think again. The days of opening a shop and offering a product or service that goes unchanged for ten years are gone. This[…]

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Rules, Not Laws of Physics

Suspending a rule is at times the rule to apply by leadership. One of the forces against innovation, change, and effectiveness is the strict adherence to rules at all costs. No one is denying that rules are put in place for order and should be enforced, but the challenge is[…]

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Dirt needs to be removed at times through scrubbing, there will be friction. Allah sends fitnah, there will be friction, but there will be a cleansing. Having knowledge of the right cleaning agent and the method of scrubbing ensures the cleansing. Ignorance of these two matters allows the dirt to[…]

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Work Hard, Hardly

You can work hard and get nowhere. You can work less and accomplish a lot. This is a lesson we learn from worship in Islam.

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