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Night and Day

Some of us wake up in the morning with varying interests, motives and drives. These drives can be as different as night and day. This is why after mentioning the contrast of night and day Allah mentions, “Indeed, your efforts are diverse” [92:4]. These interests have needs, if fulfilled the[…]

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Tom and Jerry

With all the imaginative attempts and schemes, Tom, the cat, finds it very difficult to catch Jerry, the mouse, for a delicious meal. In times of difficulty, Jerry identifies opportunities and tactfully learns how to gain leverage by using Spike, the pit bull, against Tom.

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Where’s the Beef?

Yes, the economy is tough, but there probably hasn’t been an easier time in history to make money than now. An entrepreneur doesn’t allow the current conditions to serve as a barrier between him and his goals. The entrepreneur is one that focuses on winning and not whining, on being a warrior and not[…]

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Face the Giant

Starting a business is an exciting time filled with energy and passion. Hopes are that big bucks are around the corner. After all, there are many millionaires out there who made it big in their businesses. The harsh reality is that 75% of all startups actually fail. A lot of it is[…]

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Let More In

The bigger the valley the greater the rain water it will carry. Allah said, “He sends rain down from the sky, thus valleys flow according to their capacity, and the torrent carries a rising foam” [13:17]. These torrents push out the foam and leave pure water on the earth. “As[…]

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Spin it Right

“Daddy, I want a top like Raihanah”, said my son Ibrahim while trying to spin his top. He kept trying to spin his own top but kept failing. So his solution was to abandon his top and take his sister’s. So I told him to hold the top from the[…]

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