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The Door

Dark at night, in front of the door, you are fumbling through keys. You can’t wait to get in. Using the wrong key would be a waste of time. Using the right key inappropriately would not be helpful either. Just using any key, hoping it would work or hopefully be the right key also will waste your time.

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Less is Not More

As children go outside to play happily, the worse nightmare of a parent is that one of them doesn’t make it back home.

Worse, is if the child goes missing due to a domestic plot. This is exactly what transpired with Prophet Yaqub’s children.

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Rallies of Hate at Your Mosque

As you turn to the left you hear the fading whispers of, “as-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah” (may full security, peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you). After completing this peaceful and tranquil activity, the salah, you make your way to exit the masjid.

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Loss: A Reason for More

The default state of life is that everything, if left alone, is on a decrease- age, time, wealth, and health are just some examples. Effort has to be made in order to stop or minimize the decrease of some of them like wealth, health, etc. At times, loss also happens without[…]

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Dirt needs to be removed at times through scrubbing, there will be friction. Allah sends fitnah, there will be friction, but there will be a cleansing. Having knowledge of the right cleaning agent and the method of scrubbing ensures the cleansing. Ignorance of these two matters allows the dirt to[…]

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