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Innovate, and Don’t

The rapid rate of innovation is a game changer. If you’re going to open a business thinking it will run the same way the next ten years, think again. The days of opening a shop and offering a product or service that goes unchanged for ten years are gone. This phenomenon also affects the job market. The days of being in a job with a single skill for ten years are also over.

The Prophet mentioned that one of the signs of the Hour will be the spread of businesses, it’s ever easier in our times to open a business.

The ease of opening a business and the rapid rate of innovation will require you to constantly tweak, improve, and update your product or service. If you don’t, your business is going to be obsolete very fast. While it is challenging, it is also exciting. Innovation and creativity are key. If your product or service is already offered in the market, present it with a twist or from a new angle.

Innovation is dispraised in Islam for Islam, but praised in Islam for matters of the world, like businesses.

Islam comes from Allah. Due to His perfection, innovation is not needed for Islam, however, flexibility is allowed in the application of some of its rulings. The measure of flexibility is one of the areas where ijtihad is allowed.

So for Islam there is no innovation, but flexibility. For our businesses, since we are not perfect, there must be both: innovation and flexibility.

Confusing where innovation and flexibility are allowed or disallowed deprives one of prosperity in this life and the next.