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Less is Not More

As children go outside to play happily, the worse nightmare of a parent is that one of them doesn’t make it back home.

Worse, is if the child goes missing due to a domestic plot. This is exactly what transpired with Prophet Yaqub’s children. The siblings plotted to get rid of one of their brothers.

Imagine the moment when Prophet Yaqub’s children came home and mentioned to him that Yusuf had been lost forever, eaten by a wolf never to return.

As days passed, the Prophet Yaqub who wept till his eyes became white due to the loss of Yusuf, faced another trial. After a long journey, his children came home to tell him yet another son of his was not able to return with them.

Another son gone?? What a calamity! We can imagine what would the normal reaction of an average parent would be at this moment.

The Prophet Yaqub on the other hand responds to this second loss with a statement that is completely unexpected. He says:

“Perhaps Allah will bring them to me all together. Indeed it is He who is the Knowing, the Wise.” [Quran 12:83]

After the second loss, Prophet Yaqub hopes for not just the current lost son to be returned, but for both of his sons to be returned by Allah. Prophet Yaqub also hopes that they both be returned at the same time, together. There’s no statement of despair or frustration, but an amazing connection with Allah. In a moment of utmost grief, nothing but good thoughts about Allah emerge. What happens then?

Allah returns both of Prophet Yaqub’s sons to him, together. Allah mentions in a Hadith Qudsi, “I am at the thought of My slave about Me.”

The good thoughts about Allah have to be rooted in certainty and actuality. It is not the trial thought to see if it would work or not. For that would be having bad thoughts about Allah since it’s rooted in doubt.

Just imagine how much more good there can be in our lives if we maintain good thoughts about Allah. The more the genuine good thoughts the better. Less is not more.