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Take it Deeper

See the unseen of the seen.

Each creation in the universe is called an ayah, meaning “a sign”. Each verse in the Quran is also called an ayah. Signs give direction and guide people to continue on the proper path. Every verse in the Quran and every creation in this universe is a sign directing all to the path of Allah- worshipping only Him.

The manner of reading each of these aayaat (pl. of ayah) is mentioned in His saying, “and recite the Quran in slow, measured rhythmic tones” [75:4]. Each letter is to be given its right of proper pronunciation and recitation. The aayaat of the universe also need to be read in the same manner. Letter by letter or creation by creation, each deserve to be read and reflected upon. When is the last time you observed the moon set?

Observing the seen should not be restricted to what is just visible. Rather, the heart longs for seeing the unseen of the seen. Allah does not just tell us to observe and reflect upon the skies, mountains, earth, etc. He directs us to take it deeper, to look beyond what is visible. “Have they not looked at the heaven above them – how We structured it and adorned it” [50:6]. He tells us to look at the heavens but also wants us to ponder over the unseen facet- “how We structured it”. Another example is, “Then do they not look at the camels – how they are created? And at the sky – how it is raised? And at the mountains – how they are erected? And at the earth – how it is spread out?” [88:17-20]

Contemplating over the unseen facet of the seen trains the believer to look at things on a deeper level and not stop at what is visible at the surface. A dazzling business proposal will not be easily accepted by this believer. If he is an educator, he will not necessarily see misbehavior of a student as the problem, but rather a symptom. He will take it deeper and look for the root cause before trying to prematurely implement a solution. So postpone judgment and take it deeper.