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The Door

Dark at night, in front of the door, you are fumbling through keys. You can’t wait to get in.¬†Using the wrong key would be a waste of time. Using the right key inappropriately would not be helpful either. Just using any key, hoping it would work or hopefully be the right key also will waste your time.

Many people did not make it to this door. However, you are right there at the door. The opportunity exists for you. All the door has to do is open and you are in.

This is the case with one holding the Quran and Sunnah. They are the keys to the doors of Paradise and happiness in this world.

The longer one tries other keys hoping they would work the longer they will remain in the darkness. It doesn’t matter if these other keys work for other people or other doors. The door you are in front of will only be opened by certain keys.

For the door to open, you have to know the right key. Do you know the Quran and Hadith in their original language- Arabic? Do you have a close and intimate relationship with these texts?

Using the right key, but upside down will not open the door. Are the Quran and Hadith being used and understood without its sciences?

Putting in the right key and just hoping the door will open won’t work either. The knob has to be turned and the door pushed open. Learning the sciences and not putting in any effort will not get you anywhere.

We are all at the door. A great opportunity. However, the short answer to why the ummah overall is in a state of disarray is simply because the majority of us are still fumbling through the keys.