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The Judgment Day

Erasing my work, I said to myself, “How could I have done that?” They did tell me to skip a question if I didn’t know the answer and to come back to it later. I did skip the question, but I forgot to skip the corresponding fill-in on the bubble sheet. Good thing I noticed otherwise my answers would have been out-of-sync and I would have been judged incorrectly.

Next week millions of students will be taking the State Exams including our very own awesome kids at Wellspring Elementary. I am not a fan of standardized tests because for one it does not accommodate for divergent thinking- the bedrock of Wellspring Elementary.

Standardized tests are a message to our children that we don’t have the time to visit them and see their performance. Instead, we are going to send them a document to fill out which we will use to judge them. One document? One indicator? One week? Seriously??

It’s definitely time to get rid of this archaic system that obviously has not caused the U.S. to be at the top in education. The recent Atlanta school incident only shows us a sliver of the problem.

What if we took some of the millions of dollars that we throw at education and create an organization of passionate officials that would get out of their offices and observe classrooms throughout the year? This would be an assessment where they actually would see the children, see their work, and see them in action. But wait, that would require us to think divergently.