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Transformers on Earth

Feeling the grip as he was squeezed again and again in preparation to receive what no one around him would hear or see. Looking directly at the one who hugged him tightly, the very first words of an amazing message were about to be recited by Muhammad, who would be the last messenger for mankind.

Read or Recite was the command received by his heart. Since then, there has been a lot of reading, learning, and writing.  Enough that it spurred the renaissance of Europe and made contributions to science which created technology enabling you to read this blog through a device- which most likely in these days would be a mobile phone.

We live in amazing times. In your very palm, you have access to cyberspace, the Quran with its explanations, the many volumes of hadith, unlimited searches for knowledge, etc. A time when people used to travel days to hear one hadith has transformed into a time where knowledge in its abundance can be brought up by the stroke of a finger. Think about it, when was the last time you’ve been to a library?

We are however told in a prophecy that knowledge will decrease. Could the abundance and easy access of knowledge ironically contribute to its loss? Would we desist memorizing and learning simply because access to knowledge is within an arm’s reach?

Knowledge was originally stored in hearts, then in books, and now in digital devices. Schools in our near future will have a digital curriculum rather than a printed one.

While the convenience and access to knowledge is great, one can’t help but think- does the transformation to digital make it easier for knowledge to eventually disappear? Have we created a digital eraser? What will be the condition of knowledge if electricity is not available anymore? After all, it’s prophecy that we are to go back to using horses as the main form of transportation.